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Who is the target? What is the goal of our communication? Where is highest chance of hitting the target market? What outcomes do we want? After the strategy and action plan is set, we develop creative ideas and convey messages so that the right response is triggered by our target group.

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Insight is about acquiring the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to complete a design project. We gain insight through studies, surveys, interviews, observations, and analyses. In order to target sales and marketing, we acquire insight into the target group and adapt our communication accordingly.​ 

Which channels are best suited depends on the target group, goals and situation, and which message is to be conveyed. To reach your goals, we help you create a separate strategy for each channel adapted to the target group and the customer journey.​

We find out what channels are relevant for you and can also assist you in creating accounts. We can also help give your profile a visual boost.​

A content plan is effective for anyone who wants to reach a target group with converting and relevant content. It makes it easier to know what kind of content should be published. We create a content plan that is customized to the chosen channel and goal. The content plan defines goals, who is responsible, and when the content should be published.

Content production for social media is about creating content for your company’s social media channels. This content can consist of videos, copy, graphics, and more. We create content aimed at the target group that captures attention, engages, and creates value.​

Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing where you utilize social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver paid advertisements to your target audience. When we create targeted advertisements, we start the process by looking at analyses, the strategy, goals, and the visual profile as part of the process.​

Social media channel operation is the process of managing your company’s online presence on social media channels. Do you spend a lot of time figuring out what to post? We are happy to take on the job by strategizing, planning, and producing content.​ 

When designing materials for social media, we match the design with your brand. We can also create design templates that help you achieve consistency.​ 

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