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We design clear reports that convey key messages and strengthen the brand’s position. We combine clear content structures with the company’s unique design to produce engaging and inspiring reports. We work creatively with well-designed layouts, graphics, and typography so that every report becomes a powerful sales and communication tool.

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Strategy involves the development of strategies and goals for your business and using the strategy as a management tool for the design process. Strategy is about the strategic anchoring of a design project. It’s about which target group the brand should target and how it should be developed and managed over time to achieve competitiveness and value.​​ We develop reports anchored in the company’s goals and strategies and use the graphic profile as a starting point.​

Concept development is central to all design processes in the development of a new product or service.We build a strong concept around your story to engage the target audience.​

We collect content and process and rewrite articles/chapters so that the report has a uniform tone of voice.​ 

We ensure that the report engages readers through eye-catching design that reflects the company’s culture and vision.​​ 

We use photography/illustrations to emphasize and reinforce the information and to make it easier to understand the message in the report.​

We use graphs and diagrams in the infographic to present data in a clear and exciting way.​ 

We deliver digital reports either as a website or as an encoded PDF for implementation on your website.​​ 

Paper and printing methods provide a sensory dimension in relation to how you want the company to appear.​​​ 

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