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The shelves of a store are vital exposure surfaces for brands and products. Therefore, the packaging design must have a positive visual effect on the consumer at the moment of purchase so that your product is preferred over the other products in the same category. Outdo the competition with a creative packaging design that works hard for your brand, sells the benefits, and persuades customers to buy your products.

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Insight is about acquiring the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to complete a design project. We gain insight through studies, surveys, interviews, observations, and analyses. Insight is necessary to be able to carry out the packaging design.​

Strategy involves the development of strategies and goals for your business and using the strategy as a management tool for the design process. Strategy is about the strategic anchoring of a design project. It’s about which target group the brand should target and how it should be developed and managed over time to achieve competitiveness and value.​​

The name is an important branding element that is always present. It is what the business, service, or product is known for, which can be remembered and create associations, and is referred to without having to be visible. We help you develop names that will be remembered, create associations, and are referred to. One of the name’s most essential tasks is to achieve brand awareness.​​ 

Concept development is central to all design processes in the development of a new product or service. We develop several conceptual design directions based on the brand strategy and involve the customer in various parts of the process. ​ 

Through the brand architecture, we show how brands are related and differentiated from each other and how they reflect or reinforce each other.​​ In planning the brand identity and how the brands will appear on products and in marketing communications, brand architecture plays an important role. 

Design can be a driving force for more sustainable development, management, and use of resources. Create brand value by appearing user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Innovation and sustainability can help increase demand and lower costs.​

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