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A visual identity consists of several identity elements that collectively communicate the most important characteristics of a business/product/service. A visual identity conveys everything the business or product stands for and how it wants to be perceived. A strong identity should carry a personality that attracts people and increases familiarity and competitiveness. 

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We develop unique design solutions anchored in the company’s goals and strategies. We can also develop sub-strategies, for example, brand strategy. 

The name is an important branding element that is always present. It is what the business, service, or product is known for, which can be remembered and create associations, and is referred to without having to be visible. We help you develop a company name that will be remembered, creates associations, and is referred to. One of the name’s most crucial tasks is to achieve brand awareness.​

A logo is a word picture and a visual design of the name. The logo should give a perception of who the company is and create positive associations and long-term relationships. It must be simple and differentiated from the competition.​

A recognizable visual identity is a competitive factor and is the overall visual presentation of a company. The task is to highlight and communicate the company’s most essential characteristics by using colors, fonts, and graphic elements.​

A brand book ensures consistent use of the overall visual identity. It guides users on how the logo and identity elements should appear in various documents and on different platforms.​

Design templates are standardized frameworks with consistent visual design. Templates streamline and simplify the development of communication materials related to the brand.​

A trademark can be registered if it is suitable for distinguishing the company’s products/services from others. We help you protect your intellectual property rights and involve the Patent Office, the registration authority for patents, trademarks, and designs.​

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