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A successful booth design builds on the company’s goals and strategy for the exhibition and reflects the company’s unique personality. At the same time, many factors must be considered for the exhibition booth to function optimally. 

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Exhibition design is the process of communicating information through visual storytelling and creating meaningful meeting places that add value. We design exhibition stands that create brand awareness, attract customers, and stand out from the crowd.

We take care of rentals of all construction elements, including walls, floors, furniture, doors, and monitors. ​

Exhibition graphics are typically printed and laminated materials for short-term, for example, cut and applied logos or, more commonly, combinations of the two graphics. We design and print exhibition graphics of top quality, either on fabric or other materials that cover your stand.

To eliminate the hassle of outsourcing and coordinating with different suppliers to assemble, clean, and ship the exhibition stand, we use professionals who take care of everything from assembly, shipping, and electricity to cleaning your stand.​

In order for your exhibition booth to be complete, we can help you with all kinds of communication at the exhibition; video, presentations, infographics, etc.​

If you have custom-made exhibition elements, you have the option to store them for next time.​

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