Trigger consumers through strong packaging design

Outdo the competition with a creative packaging design that works hard for your brand, sells the benefits, and persuades customers to buy your products. If you do not already have a packaging design that works like this, we recommend that you contact us at Tindre Design.

You deserve a clear and powerful packaging design

Do you feel like the company’s strategy and the packaging’s visual expression don’t align? Are you unsure whether you appear indistinct in the market? Are you on the lookout for designers you can trust?

You are not alone, and we are here to help you. We deliver powerful digital design solutions based on the company’s defined goals and strategies. Tindre Design is a small agency that has delivered creative solutions to over 100 companies in Norway since 2004.

Book a meeting for a free strategy conversation!

Curious about how you can appear as a clear and strong player in the market? Meet us on Teams and learn more about how we can help you with your challenges.

Book a meeting for a free strategy conversation!

Curious about how you can appear as a clear and strong player in the market? Meet us on Teams and learn more about how we can help you with your challenges.

Here's what we can help you with

All-in-one supplier

We create unique packaging designs and offer everything from strategy, design, function, and material to finished packaging.

Added value

We create innovative and user-friendly packaging to increase demand. At the same time, we focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

The power of attraction

We help you clarify the product’s unique personality that the target group recognizes and becomes attracted to.


The most effective means of being remembered is to be unique and distinct. The packaging’s surface, function, and materials can differentiate the product.

All in one place

We gain insight through studies, surveys, interviews, observations, and analyses. Insight is necessary to be able to carry out the packaging design.
Brand strategy
It's about which target group the brand should target and how it should be developed and managed over time to achieve competitiveness and value.​
Brand name
We help you develop names that will be remembered, create associations, and are referred to. One of the name's most essential tasks is to achieve brand awareness.​
Design concept
We develop several conceptual design directions based on the brand strategy and involve the customer in various parts of the process.
Brand architecture
Through the brand architecture, we show how the brands are related and differentiated from each other and how they reflect or reinforce each other.​
Create brand value by appearing user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Innovation and sustainability can help increase demand and lower costs.
In addition to packaging design, we offer marketing that speaks on the terms of the target group so that the communication touches people and creates emotional engagement. Ask for a quote!
Social media
In addition to packaging design, we help create awareness around your products targeted towards customers and followers through social media. Ask for an offer!

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Here's what you do:

1. Book a meeting with us in the calendar

Pick a date and time in the calendar, fill in your contact details, confirm the booking, and you will receive a link to the meeting.

2. Participate in a non-binding Teams meeting

Meet us on Teams for a pleasant strategy conversation, including budget and progress clarifications.

3. Accept the offer and enjoy the process

Congratulations, you have made a good choice! Enjoy the creative process of clarifying and strengthening your business.

What do customers say about us?​

“I have worked with many design agencies during my career. The experiences have been various. Poor project management is something most people struggle with. That is not the case with Gro Gulbrandsen at Tindre Design. They are good at delivering their projects according to the agreed time and cost. The creative solutions have also been unique in their professionalism and feasibility."
Anders Lindgren
Marketing and communications director Steria Norway and Scandinavia
"We have been very satisfied with the work that Tindre did for us. The proposals from Tindre were strongly rooted in our basic philosophy of conveying solidity and quality. The service from Tindre was outstanding, and we were constantly kept in the loop of the progress of their work. All deadlines and cost frames were kept exactly as Tindre had promised. We highly recommend others to use Tindre.”
Nils Olav Årseth
Partner at Aabø-Evensen & Co
"It was a very pleasant process where we received a lot of great professional guidance and suggestions, while at the same time we retained ownership of our logo. In addition to professional strength in design, I must highlight Tindre's ability to communicate with us as a customer and their very professional handling of meetings and deadlines. We recommend them to everyone!”
Trine Dreyer
CEO at Aurora Verksted



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