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What are we going to say? To whom are we going to say it? Where should we say it? How should we say it? These are all critical questions that need to be considered to achieve the desired response. Messages, themes, and ideas must build on a brand’s position and target the audience with precision and efficiency. We must speak on the target group’s premises so that the message touches people and creates emotional engagement. We also need to find the right communication channels where the audience can be reached.

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Strategy involves the development of strategies and goals for your business and using the strategy as a management tool for the design process. Strategy is about the strategic anchoring of a design project. If needed, we can develop sub-strategies, for example, brand strategy.

Paid media is marketing that you pay for. We deliver creative concepts and communicate to the general public. We find this target audience in paid channels such as TV, radio, and magazines.

Earned media is exposure or publicity that you get from methods other than paid advertising. We help you generate awareness around your products and services through “free” media channels, social media, and blogs.

Owned media is the communication channels that you have complete control over, for example, blogs, websites, email newsletters, forums, etc. We bring attention to your customers and super fans through your website, business blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

We develop videos, photos, and animations, anchored in the visual identity for use in relevant communication channels.

Content means to shape texts linguistically and visually. Content is about producing and planning content in a way where it will best serve the needs of the audience that it is intended for. We help you produce content that engages and touches your target audience through your own strategic tone of voice.

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