What Should my Website do for my Business?

We all know that first impressions matter. When a potential customer visits your website, it becomes a reflection of your business and your brand, and you want the design to create a good impression. The design should feel attractive and appealing to the customer to grab their attention because people are more likely to engage with a company they think they can trust.

A website is a space designed to introduce yourself to potential customers and provide insights into the service or product that you offer. It is also a space where your customers can connect with your brand and where they make decisions about whether or not your company can provide the products or services they are looking for. Your website becomes an essential step towards building that relationship with your customers. A functional and effective website will prove to people that you are a real business. For that reason, you should invest in a website that adds value to your business. Tindre Design provides you with seven tips that focus on fundamentals that your website should achieve for your business.

1. Add to the company’s credibility

According to Stanford’s Web Credibility Research Study, 75% of online users judged a company’s credibility based on its web design. Businesses that have poorly designed websites in the form of both functionality and visual design are considered less credible. Suppose you are one of many businesses that struggle in a competitive market where numerous companies compete with one another in hopes of providing products and services consumers want and need. In that case, you want to make sure your website looks appealing and works as it should. The website layout should be clear, orderly, and clarify for a visitor what is expected once they land on the page. You want to give users what they need by meeting their functional demands and communicating high-quality information. 

2. Inspire action from potential customers

You want to make sure that you are inspiring action when potential customers arrive at your website. Whether you want them to request a quote, purchase a product, subscribe to your newsletter, or pick up the phone and call you. By including clear call to action (CTA) links and buttons you are telling your users what to do next. Without clear CTA’s visitors might struggle to see the route to purchasing a product or signing up for a service. Therefore, your current website must inspire the action you want from potential customers.

3. Communicate your brand’s unique personality

When your website communicates your brand’s unique personality, you will attract the right customerTo increase the chances of customers buying from you, you need to ensure your website’s visual design reflects your company’s strategy. To do so efficiently, it is essential that you have already established who you are, what you stand for, and what you represent. The visual design on your website should reflect your brand’s personality so that you can edge out the competition and increase your sales.

4. Increase customer base through organic traffic

Once your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you have a chance of showing up in Google searches. This means that whenever people search for a product or service and your company website is SEO optimized, you will rank higher up in search results, and it becomes easier for customers to find you. Investing in Search Engine Optimization can help you to increase your customer base significantly.

your company website is SEO optimized, you will rank higher up in search results, and it becomes easier for customers to find you. Investing in Search Engine Optimization can help you to increase your customer base significantly.

5. Answer all the questions people might have about your business

To avoid getting phone calls from current or potential customers about simple questions like hours of operation or location, you should ensure that your website provides all the information people might be looking for. This will lead to less time spent on phone conversations and allows you to focus on the essential parts of your business, increasing internal productivity. It also helps customers find valuable information without being forced to make a phone call, providing a more pleasant user experience.

6. Keep customers up to date

We recommend having a page for blog posts or news on your website where you share updates and announcements that you want your customers to know or read about. It is also essential that you consider communicating in a way that creates a connection with your customer. This will provoke engagement and make your customers happy because they feel updated on everything your business is doing. It benefits you because when something is relevant to them, the chances that you can upsell them are higher.

7. Drive traffic to your website through digital marketing

If you want to leverage digital marketing to increase your leads and grow your business, you will likely want to drive traffic to a website or a landing page. To do so efficiently, you can leverage historic traffic that has visited your website already and target the most qualified customers to get the best return on investment on your ad spend.


Having a professionally designed website that catches leads, increases sales, and differentiates your brand is essential to businesses today. A website is also a great tool to link your social media channels together to drive traffic to your website to inspire action from potential customers. If you do not have a website that performs already, it is highly recommended to invest sooner rather than later. The key to a successful website is to consider all the factors mentioned above and continually improve your website, and keep your customers engaged.

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