Logo for Advokatene i Oslo

We have been given the task to develop a strategy and design a logo that would communicate Advokatene i Oslo (AiO)’s personality, which will contribute to AiO building its position and reputation, achieving its goals, and strengthening its competitiveness.

AiO provides legal assistance to clients in Norway, through experience and specialization so that the client’s interests are taken care of in the best way in relation to the situation. We created a new logo and strategy for Advokatene i Oslo. In this project, we wanted to create a logo that would capture the attorney’s traditional and trustworthy style and personality as a point of differentiation. 

The new logo reflects a new brand strategy for Advokatene i Oslo that focuses on playing the client’s cards well in any situation through honesty and clarity. AiO’s new logo will be recognized as a community of lawyers that provide exceptionally good service, availability, and commitment. The strategy positions AiO as an “uplifting firm,” providing legal assistance to clients in Norway through experience and specialization so that the client’s interests are taken care of in the best way. 

The idea is neatly visualized in AiO’s typographic logo, which creates a symbol that communicates lifting someone up on their back and balancing them there to make them stay there. The letter “o” put on top of the “a” is used as a metaphor for balancing someone on your back, lifting them up like an honest team player who cheers on teammates and tries to empower them.

This strategy of a protective and knowledgeable hero is expressed in the logo. The typographic logo consists of two letters on top of each other with a little twist to it. When designing the logo, we worked on iterations to evaluate a wide range of options, some traditional, and some more complex. The Tindre team discussed and completed research as part of the process.

The logo has been optimized to work across different platforms and scales. The identity is streamlined with a simple “a” and “o” with the full name next to the symbol. 

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